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Please read this update about the Equipment Program, it may affect you!

For more information about free and reduced cost Sidekicks follow this link.  You must pass T-Mobile credit application before you can receive a new Sidekick.  Download a credit application here. Download a MCD Equipment Program application here.


Maine's deaf and hard of hearing residents can now receive alerts about any emergency in Maine sent out by the Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA).

Alerts include:

You will automatically receive Emergency Alert System (EAS) notices.
(These are the same alerts that interrupt TV shows.) EAS alerts are the most serious emergency alerts and must be sent out statewide to all counties. EAS alerts include:

You can choose to receive the following alerts by COUNTY:

This new program allows Maine's D/deaf and hard of hearing citizens to use their own equipment or receive equipment from Maine Center on Deafness (MCD). Depending on your income the equipment is either free or available at a reduced cost.

MCD can provide:

Be sure your emergency alert equipment is in good working order!
    ●    Check your batteries
    ●    Perform tests on:
         ●     Generators
         ●     Smoke Detectors
         ●     And other safety devices

Things to know about the program:

How to join the program:

Already have a pager?

If you already have a pager and just want to receive the emergency alerts, fill out the "Alert Only (no equipment)" form and send it back to MCD to start receiving alerts immediately.

For more information about the Emergency Alert System:

$10 Off Your Monthly Wireless Communication Bill!!*

You may qualify for $10 discount on your wireless cell phone, pager (Sidekick), or pre-paid service. If your family’s income is less than 135% of the Poverty Level, you may receive $10 of your monthly service fee or a $10 reimbursement for pre-paid service. Contact Elissa Moran at (207)797-7656 or through e-mail as: for more information.

* Must be deaf or hard of hearing, Maine resident, and receive Emergency Notification Messages (ENS) messages from MCD.

Application Download Section:

[ Please download either the PDF files OR the word documents, you don't need both. Also, the documents will open in a new browser window, and this one will remain open.]

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